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Shawn and Drew's 21 STEPS TO STOP GAMBLING
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Who the System Helps

Gamblers, their friends, and employers all can benefit from Shawn and Drew's 21 Steps to STOP Gambling System and Workbooks.


Family and Friends


Treatment for gambling addiction restores balance in your life.

           A family in harmony will prosper in everything.

– Chinese proverb

Gamblers Back to top

We designed our 21-step recovery system to help both problem gamblers and responsible gamblers.

Problem gamblers will gain a greater understanding of gambling, addiction, and themselves. They will learn how to conquer their gambling addictions and recreate themselves as healthier, happier individuals.

Responsible gamblers also benefit from the system. The workbooks explain the symptoms of problem gambling, so at-risk gamblers can recognize their problems early. Being prepared allows them to take quick steps to avoid many of compulsive gambling's harmful effects.

Family and Friends Back to top

The actions of problem gamblers often have serious consequences on those they care most about. By helping gambling addicts recover, our self-help system also aids their families and friends.

Families can suffer huge financial hardships, increased stress, frequent arguments, neglect, physical and emotional abuse, separation, and divorce.

Long-time friendships are strained or destroyed as compulsive gamblers ignore others to feed their habits, borrow money they cannot pay back, and resist efforts to get help.

Employers Back to top

Problem gambling also threatens the workplace.

Employees who are obsessed with gambling generally are less productive. Their late-night activities can cause them to show up late for work the next day or call in sick. At work, they might spend hours playing at Internet casinos or just daydreaming about gambling.

Helping employees overcome their addictions can be a win-win situation. Not only does it help people in need but it also builds goodwill with other workers and avoids the many expenses involved in dismissing someone.

Learn more about how responsible employers can develop a company gambling policy, spot workplace warning signs, and help addicted employees recover.