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Shawn and Drew's 21 STEPS TO STOP GAMBLING
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The System's 21 Steps

Shawn and Drew's 21 Steps to STOP Gambling System and Workbooks guide you along the path to recovery one step at a time. The system is designed to include achievement, accomplishment, ability, and the creation of a better vision and action plan for how you can be.

Take the necessary steps to recovery from your gambling addiction.

           In doing anything, the first step is the most difficult.

– Chinese proverb

The complete system consists of 21 workbooks plus access to online recovery support forums specifically designed to encourage and help you as you complete each of the 21 steps.

Each step will help you better understand and counter your addictive behaviors and thoughts.

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Here are the 21 steps that make up the system:

  1. Admitting you have a problem
  2. Understanding the problem
  3. Identifying your specific problem
  4. Realizing what gambling is doing to your personality
  5. Comprehending the cost of the problem
  6. Recognizing your thinking patterns
  7. Dismissing your "addictive personality" trains of thought
  8. Finding a healthier "rush"
  9. STOP gambling
  10. Forgiving yourself
  11. Dealing with the mess you created
  12. Relax
  13. Simplifying your life
  14. Recreating your core values
  15. Understanding why gambling exists
  16. Appreciating the value of money
  17. Eating healthy food
  18. Laughing at yourself
  19. Enjoying the company of others
  20. Thanking the people who helped you
  21. Enjoying life without gambling