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STOP Gambling in the Workplace

As gambling continues to become increasingly accessible—especially on the Internet—it is essential for employers to understand the issue and take sensible precautions.

Gambling in the workplace is becoming an increasingly serious problem.

Problem gambling has serious consequences at the workplace. Those who spend all night at a casino often are late for work the next day or call in sick. Other gamblers waste many work hours wagering online or daydreaming about their next big score. And desperate addicts are more likely to steal or embezzle from you.

Focused, capable employees are important to any company. Create a healthy environment, and allow them to be more productive.

Be proactive to avoid situations where you might have to fire someone. In addition to the sad human costs, there are very real business costs as well. Severance, recruitment, and training are expensive.

Responsible employers should:

  1. Establish a company gambling policy.
  2. Watch for signs of problem gambling.
  3. Help employees recover.