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Let's Bring Your Community Vision Project to Life!

We have a great way for your community to earn money and promote healthy entertainment choices in your area.

Help treat gambling addiction while benefiting your community.

           There are lessons that cannot be taught – only learned. These often are life's most valuable experiences.

– Unknown source

How can you add value to your community?

  • Flowers, trees, or a community garden
  • Free ice cream for every household (let's make it Ben and Jerry's)
  • A guest speaker
  • A new park for kids
  • An upgrade to the pool
  • A community savings fund
  • Uniforms for sports teams
  • Sponsor money to help a community athlete
  • Scholarship money for youths graduating and going on to post-secondary schools
  • Upgrades to the gym or sports facilities
  • Bleachers for baseball diamonds or soccer fields. Hot chocolate for ice rinks!
  • Music lessons
  • A summer party
  • Gifts for volunteers and community board members
  • A community golf tournament (with Drew and Shawn as hosts :)
  • Trophies or medals
  • A contingency or emergency fund
  • Money to pay youths who help clean up on "Clean Up the Community Day!"

You get the idea. Plus, you have some great ideas, too. Let us know what they are! Then let's bring your vision to life. Here is how you can make it happen…

Please visit our non-profit web site to learn more about how you can improve your community with the help of Shawn and Drew's 21 Steps to STOP Gambling System and Workbooks.