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           Seek to understand your mistakes so you may never repeat them.

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Our problem gambling recovery system is a valuable investment. It offers the step-by-step directions, exercises, and thought processes you need to build a healthier life.

The system includes 21 workbooks plus limited time access to online recovery support through our Recovery and Beyond Support Forums.

Each workbook is 12 to 42 pages in length and is designed to be completed over the course of one to three days. It typically requires 21 to 63 days to finish the entire 21-step curriculum.

Every system also comes with a limited time pass code that allows program participants access to our Recovery and Beyond online recovery support forums. There, you can interact with other recovery-oriented peers, Shawn and Drew, Recovery and Beyond support staff, plus any professional counsellors and gambling recovery specialists who participate.

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The retail price of the 21-Step System, including the workbooks and the Recovery & Beyond LIFETIME online support forum membership, is $395 plus taxes. If your employee assistance program, pharmacy, or local treatment center needs to stock the system, please ask them to place an order with us. They will have it shortly thereafter.

If you prefer, you can order the system online directly from us. If you do, the cost is $320 ($395 minus a $75 online discount) plus taxes and shipping/handling costs.

Shipping & Handling Charges:
Canada $10.00
USA $25.00
UK & Europe $50.00
Australia $75.00
New Zealand $75.00
Mexico $100.00
Central America $100.00
South America $100.00
South Africa $100.00
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Expect to receive your Shawn and Drew's 21 Steps to STOP Gambling System and Workbooks in a "Recovery and Beyond" box.

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