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Gambling causes financial hardships for addicts and their families. Stop gambling and start living. Gambling addicition treatment helps you gain control of your life again. Financial troubles are one of the first signs of gambling addiction. If you are a gambling addict, then the short-term rush isn't worth the long-term harms. Are you a responsible gambler or a gambling addict? Find out now! Gambling addicts are risking their physical, mental, family, and financial health.
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Online gambling has surged in popularity, bringing on new challenges. Many online casino comparison websites only display legal, regulated casinos. This is the first step towards responsibility in online gambling. We have co-operated with Azartspeles.com to make their website take into account responsible gambling principles.

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This web site is a great resource for anyone who wants to understand how the
illness of problem gambling affects addicts—and all those around them. If
you ignore the issue, the consequences can be devastating, so be alert
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Problem gambling is an increasingly serious issue for employers.
They need to create company gambling policies, watch
for workplace warning signs, and be prepared to help
employees recover